Issues in 2010 with filter termination

Jul 15, 2011 at 8:39 PM

I've ported my 2007 custom protocol handler (which was working perfectly, in both x86 and x64 environments) over to 2010 and am having a vexing issue.  No errors are showing up in the mssdmn.exe log, but in the crawl logs I'm seeing "The filtering process has been terminated", and in the Sharepoint logs I'm seeing the following:

07/15/2011 14:44:08.12  mssdmn.exe (0x1ADC)                      0x04C8 SharePoint Server Search       Common                         g2em Assert    location: d:\office\source\search\libs\utild\memthrow.cxx(98)  condition: !"Service caused access violation"  StackTrace:  at Microsoft.Office.Server.Native.dll: (sig=35b73ac2-5d4b-41d9-b101-286fc6f53dd5|2|, offset=203FD) at mssdmn.exe: (sig=196f2ac8-7472-42a3-8e6a-d2a70f144a70|2|mssdmn.pdb, offset=3AE45) at mssdmn.exe: (offset=3B631) at mssdmn.exe: (offset=2DA16) at MSVCR90.dll: (sig=5b26d767-7dfb-4b01-8ebc-7ac00706c1a0|1|msvcr90.amd64.pdb, offset=45129) at MSVCR90.dll: (offset=442D6) at MSVCR90.dll: (offset=449DE) at MSVCR90.dll: (offset=44C1D) at MSVCR90.dll: (offset=4502B) at mssdmn.exe: (sig=196f2ac8-7472-42a3-8e6a-d2a70f144a70|2|mssdmn.pdb, offset=40066) at ntdll.dll: (sig=6192bfdb-9f04-4429-95ff-cb0be95172e1|2|ntdll.pdb, offset=29D0D) at ntdll.dll:... 
07/15/2011 14:44:08.12* mssdmn.exe (0x1ADC)                      0x04C8 SharePoint Server Search       Common                         g2em Assert   ... (offset=191AF) at ntdll.dll: (offset=51278) at mssdmn.exe: (sig=196f2ac8-7472-42a3-8e6a-d2a70f144a70|2|mssdmn.pdb, offset=D36D) at mssdmn.exe: (offset=13ECE) at kernel32.dll: (sig=7fbe5c47-fc10-4c35-925d-71d76a8d4660|2|kernel32.pdb, offset=1652D) at ntdll.dll: (sig=6192bfdb-9f04-4429-95ff-cb0be95172e1|2|ntdll.pdb, offset=2C521) 
07/15/2011 14:44:08.12  mssdmn.exe (0x1ADC)                      0x04C8 SharePoint Server              Unified Logging Service        c91s Monitorable Watson bucket parameters: SharePoint Server 2010, ULSShipAssert12, g2em, 14.0.4763.0 
07/15/2011 14:44:08.12  mssdmn.exe (0x1ADC)                      0x04C8 SharePoint Server Search       Exceptions                     cd2u High     Exception caught at                                                             [memthrow.cxx:119]  d:\office\source\search\libs\utild\memthrow.cxx 
07/15/2011 14:44:08.12  mssdmn.exe (0x1ADC)                      0x04C8 SharePoint Server Search       Exceptions                     15y3 High     <Exception><HR>0xc0000005</HR><eip>000000013FA4DB8E</eip><module>d:\office\source\search\libs\utild\memthrow.cxx</module><line>133</line></Exception>   
07/15/2011 14:44:08.12  mssdmn.exe (0x1ADC)                      0x04C8 SharePoint Server Search       FilterDaemon                   e4xl High     Exception caught in filter daemon (thread): 0xc0000005                          [fltrdaemon.cxx:4969]  d:\office\source\search\native\mssdmn\fltrdaemon.cxx 

This looks very similar to the issue that people were seeing when trying to run the code in an x64 environment, but like I said I had made the Pack=0 change quite awhile ago and things have been working successfully on SharePoint 2007 in x64 for a couple of years.  It being an Access Violation, it seems like another case of it expecting different-sized memory than what it's getting.  Has anyone else had a similar issue?


Aug 12, 2011 at 2:57 PM

Has your PH passed initialization?